The Era of Shoot-to-earn on Polygon is Coming: The Killbox Game 3.0 Leo

Making money while playing games at home is an idea that most people can get behind. A chance to get entertainment and profit from something people are interested at certainly has its appeal. This is the idea that Don had in mind when he start The Killbox Game into the crypto world, the first FPS game onchain that allows people earn crypto tokens while shooting in game, in November 2021.

The Killbox Game is a free-to-play, shoot-to-earn game as well as an NFT project on-chain. Similar to other traditional FPS games like CS go and CF, that bring a super exciting arena combat, but with The Killbox Game, players can earn tokens while entertaining themselves.

It is an action-packed, somewhat bloody first-person shooter game in which players assemble elite squads and it has incorporated a tradable NFT weapon system and “shoot to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game. The game essentially gamifies entertainment with the potential to earn what can end up being quite a bit of money, depending on several factors. The Killbox Game 3.0: Leo will be supported by Polygon official team, which undoubtedly increases social awareness.

If you are a fan of NFT, military games and especially FPS games, you will be crazy about The Killbox Game! Get started here.

What is The Killbox Game?

The Killbox Game is the first FPS game on blockchain with a free-to-play, shoot to earn ecosystem and a tradable NFT weapon system. Players equip themselves with NFTs in the form of weapons in the game. With GameFi concept, players can earn their daily income by finishing 10 battles per day, players will earn KBOX tokens, which can either be used in-game, or cashed out for profit. 

How does The Killbox Game work?

As a game, all you need to do is to open the game to shoot at your enemies. Before you start receiving tokens, you’ll have to choose an NFT weapon that matches your planned income.

During your battling, you’ll earn The Killbox Game’s native token, KBOX, for the first 10 battles every day. Your earning capability is determined by your stamina, which determines how many tokens you can get every day. How much stamina is connected to how many (and what quality) of NFT weapons you own.

For example, if you have a T1 NFT weapon, you have 10 stamina and the worn rate of it is 100 by default, which means you can earn 100 KBOX after finishing 10 battles per day. (T1: 10 stamina = 100 hash rate). The more NFTs you own, the more stamina and hash rate they give you. Twenty T1 NFTs give you 200 stamina, which is 2,000 KBOX per day. There is a maximum of 200 stamina for every player.

Additionally, high-quality NFTs gives you more stamina. T2-T5 NFT adds 20, 30 ,50, 90 stamina, which brings 400, 1,600, 6,400 and 2,5600 hash rate for the quality accordingly

Player’s income = Hash rate of highest quality NFT/Max STA. provided by highest quality NFT * Player’s total STA.

For example, if you have one T1 and two T2 NFTs, you’ll have a total of 50 stamina, and be able to earn 900 hash rate. The income will be 1600/20*50=4,000 KBOX.

How to make money with The Killbox Game?

After figuring out what determines how much you can chase for per day, let’s explore how much we can actually grab in our hands.

How much you can earn depends on another factor: worn rate.

Each NFT has its initial worn rate of 100. One worn rate of the equipped NFT will be reduced as players join the battle and consume the STA. accordingly.

If worn rate < 50, the KBOX income will be reduced by half; If worn rate =0, the KBOX income will be reduced to 0;

Players can repair the worn rate using a certain amount of KBOX tokens. The higher tier of the NFT, the more repairing fees it will cost to restore.

How to get started with The Killbox Game?

After downloading and registering in the game, you can choose to own an NFT weapon to start earning or to play for free. The seed NFTs are free given away in early marketing events. After that, all NFT weapons are from previous NFT owners. They can breed new NFTs to sell or to hold.

As The Killbox Game 3.0: Leo is based on the Polygon blockchain, you’ll need some Matic and USDC to do that. The cheapest T1 NFT will cost you roughly $50 USDC, which is suggested by the official team. When prices will fluctuate, and could potentially price people out of the app, There is an upcoming lending feature where users can rent other users’ NFTs and share the earnings.

After you’ve registered the game, you’ll set up your wallet in-app and transfer some Matic into it. You do have the option to import an existing wallet (if you registered on BSC version previously, please use the same wallet address), but if security is a concern to you, it’s best to create a new one. You’ll then transfer your Matic from your wallet to your spending account, which you’ll use to spend KBOX tokens for game activities.

When you open the game, equip the NFT and start earning!

What about the future of The Killbox Game?

To make the game a long-term project, like all other GameFi projects, The Killbox will need to attract enough new users to replace ones on the way out or make the game more enticing that players would rather keep using the earning tokens in the game than cash out.

As there is no other way to obtain NFT weapons but buy from NFT owners. NFT owners can decide if they want to breed to sell to earn or breed to play to earn. So, one of the keys is to attract more NFT lovers. Besides, there are numerous FPS gamers collecting different NFT weapons out of love, which is another key.

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